Musikteater Unna

Storytelling and dramatic live music duo Unna creates minimalist shows with an epic expression. Their most renowned show is the true story of the transgender nyckelharpa player Maria Johansdotter.

photos by Marcus Elmerstad and Ola Elmquist


With powerful vocals, nyckelharpa and bouzouki the Swedish folk music duo Anda delivers raw acoustic Scandinavian folk mashed up with a multi cultural expression.

Andas lates concert project is based on the songs from the stories of the world famous author Astrid Lindgren.

Anda tours in all of Scandinavia.  


Tenor Nyckelharpa

The very rare Swedish Tenor Nyckelharpa is my main instrument. 

Recording & Mixing

I record and mix music and sound fx for all my projects. My studio is in my home situated in the beautiful Swedish countryside of Sparreholm south of Stockholm.

I work mainly with the acoustic sound and create my own sound effects. Sigrid the farm dog keeps me company during lengthy recording sessions.


Together with all of the performing arts groups in our region we have created an annual festival. Teaterfestivalen moves on to a new city every year.


Anders Peev | +46 704 05 04 48